Investment in blockchain technology and crypto currency market

Due to the increasing growth of blockchain technology and crypto currencies , We suggest you to invest in this modern market by "Inter Invest Business LTD" without any experience or knowledge about blockchain technology.

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About "Inter Invest Business LTD"

In "Inter Invest Business LTD", We research about blockchain technology and crypto currencies market to develop this technology scienticaly and analyze the blockchain system to provide new cryptos.
We have decided to crowdfund the budget we need for our huge research and articles and finally share the income of our technical, professional and scientical with our investors.


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We accept : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, DASH, ZCASH, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Neo, Tether

Referral Commission

As soon as you register free on "", a unique referral link will belong to you.
This is your referral link.
You can invite your friends to make deposit on "" by this link and earn 14%, One level, referral commission for each deposit that has been made by your friends.

Investment Plans

We have 2 Investment plans:
1- Fix plan: Fixed profit (Specially for Muslims)
2- Halal Plan: Variable profit

For each plan, You make a deposit one time for a period of 30 days, You earn profit daily up to 30 days.
After 30 days, your plan gets ended automatically and you get back your principal without any fee
You can Reinvest your principal money again in a new 30 days plan or withdraw it instantly.
If you want to end your plan and get back your money before 30 days, you can withdraw your principal money Fully Instant, any time you want, with 30% fee automatically.

What's the difference between Fix plan and Halal plan?
In Fix plan you earn a fixed profit daily for 30 days
in Halal plan you earn a variable profit daily for 30 days.(according to the company profit)

1- How to register?

Click on the register button on the top right of the home page, Fill the form and click on register.

2- How to longin?

Click on the login button on the top right of the home page, write your username and password, Click on login.

3- How to make deposit?

We erased the confusing terms of the past and created six distinct flex types that address time and location-based needs, allowing companies and employees to speak the same language.

4- How to make withdrawal?

Our customers are committed to succeeding in a flexible future. Here’s how one company used Werk to customize their employee experience and increase their eNPS by 38 points.

Inter Invest certificate

Company Name: Inter Invest Business LTD
Company Registration Number: 13339367
Company Activity: Fund Management
Managing Director: Mr. Ethan O'sulivan
Proposed Registered Office Address: 62 Lavender Hill, London England SW11 5RQ

Office Tel: +442030263284
Email :
Telegram Support : @InterInvestSupport
Telegram Group : @InterInvestBiz
Whatsapp Support : +447845221343

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driest May-03-2021 01:52:13 AM $15.40
Haunter May-03-2021 01:43:23 AM $22.05
Lucien May-02-2021 11:43:03 PM $2.45
Kevin May-02-2021 11:15:14 PM $1.75
wrinkly May-02-2021 11:06:50 PM $1.75

How much is the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal?

The minimum Amount of Deposit is : 1$
The minimum amount of withdrawal is : 1$
( Except BTC & ETH : 8$ )

Can I have referrals without any deposit?
How Much is the referral commission?

Yes, sure,
As soon as you register, a unique referral link is created for you and you can invite others and get commission.
Our referral commission is 1 Level, %14

Can I have two accounts by one computer or mobile?

No, each user can have only one account.
Important Notice:
If we find a user with two or more accounts, by one ip, We block all the accounts without any notice.

Can I end the plan and get back my money before the expiry date of the plan?

Yes, Sure, If you want to get back your money at the end of the plan it is fully instant and without any fee.
But, If you want to end the plan and get back your money before the expiry date of the plan, it is fully instant with 30% fee. ( instant and without any confirmation ) any time you want.

Office Tel: +442030263284
Email :
Telegram Support : @InterInvestSupport
Telegram Group : @InterInvestBiz
Whatsapp Support : +447845221343